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Found this morning by a good Samaritan in Aquia Harbour, this 1 pound chihuahua has been named  Epseranza.  She was found out in the cold in a box near the basketball courts at Aquia Park.  She was immediately rushed to White Oak Animal Hospital where her diagnosis remains unclear.  She is able to hold herself up and walk but she falls.  The doctors believe she is around 5 months old.  They stated she is severely dehydrated and malnourished.  Weighing only a pound she should weigh more like 3 to 4 pounds.  Her condition is guarded but staff are hopeful she will pull though.   At this time she will remain with staff at the Stafford County Animal Shelter for 5 days till her recheck with White Oak Animal Hospital. Her diagnosis may change as she puts on weight. Funds for her care are currently being accepted.  Thank you for your continued support.

As always, thank you for your support! The shelter animals are grateful.

{All funds will be used for SCAS pet needs.}

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