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**UPDATE** We are sad to report that Hoagie did not make it. The extent of his injuries were too severe. Thank you so much to all who donated. We were able to pay all of his vet bills. Any additional funds will be used for the next shelter animal in need. Hug your furkids tonight


**EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE NEEDED**  Stafford County Animal Shelter has reached out and asked for our assistance with this little guy.  Hoagie is an approximately 3 week old male kitten that was found in a lunch cooler on top of a trash can in South Stafford.  Hoagie has several wounds on his head and is having difficulty moving around or eating.  He is currently being stabilized for his trip to the vet office.  As you know, Stafford County Animal Shelter has extremely limited funds for these types of emergency care.  Without your help, Hoagie will not be able to receive the care he needs. We have a goal of $500 for Hoagie's emergency treatment and continued care.  Please consider donating to help this little guy out.  Every donation makes a big difference.  Please also "like" and share this page.  We will keep you updated as to his condition as we know more.  Thank you for your generosity and support.

As always, thank you for your support! The shelter animals are grateful.

{Any additional funds will be used for future SCAS pet needs.}

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