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Puppy Transfers (#SaveALife)

The Stafford County Animal Shelter was so successful with their #HomeForTheHolidays promotion that they have plenty of room for more shelter pets.  They believe in "paying it forward", so they have reached out to shelters that are struggling with over-crowding to see if they can be of assistance.  They were contacted by a shelter in North Carolina that is trying really hard to become "no-kill", but they are completely full.  Stafford County Animal Shelter would like to pull a total of 12 dogs from their shelter (seven of which, pictured above, are puppies).  The only catch is, since the pups are crossing state lines, they are required to have a health certificate.  The cost of the certificate is $40 per pup.  We are hoping that our friends and fans will pledge towards these pups certificates.  You may donate using the button below.  All funds raised will go directly to bringing these sweet little ones to safety.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

As always, thank you for your support! The shelter animals are grateful.

{All funds will be used for SCAS pet needs.}

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