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***FUNDRAISING NEED*** As kitten season fast approaches, FOSCAS would like to provide some assistance to the Stafford County Animal Shelter with their orphaned newborn kittens. These kittens owe their survival to the volunteers, foster parents, and staff members who dedicate the time and attention required for around-the-clock hand-feeding. New on the market is SURRO-KITTY which mimics a nursing mother cat. It works by utilizing a pouch that holds 8 bottles and creates a nursing environment for the kittens providing warmth from a heating pad inside. Pre-sale price is $175 but MUST BE ORDERED BY January 15th. We would LOVE to order at least 3 of these for the shelter.  Thank you for your donation.  You truly are making a difference and saving lives of shelter pets <3

As always, thank you for your support! The shelter animals are grateful.

{All funds are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law and will be used for SCAS pet needs.}

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